Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Skater Skirts >

A trend that I've been crazy in love with is the skater skirt trend. I think skater skirts look so adorable, i love them <3 Skater skirts look really cute with crop tops. Topshop is a good store to buy skater skirts from, because they have one in almost every color. 

Style Crush/Girl Crush = Ariana Grande

I've got the biggest style crush/girl crush on Ariana Grande, I love her voice, personality and style. Her style is beautiful. i love everything she wears. I've always considered myself to be a girly girl, because i love dresses and skirts, the color pink and the Disney princesses (I know how childish that sounds, but its true). So when i first saw Ari on Victorious i instantly fell in love with her style. 

I love Ari also, because of her personality and her voice. She literally has a voice of an angel. Her new album came out recently 'Yours Truly', i think everyone should go buy it, because its amazing. Ariana is also really close to all her "Arianators" she loves us and we love her <3 Shes always on her twitter trying to talk to all her fans and she tries to follow as many of us as she can.