Saturday, 13 December 2014

Favourite Christmas Jumpers ♡

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Even though my family and I don't really celebrate Christmas, I still enjoy doing something Christmassy on the day. I get in to the Christmas spirit by wearing a festive jumper, and then usually decorate my room with multiple fairy lights, watch festive films and drink a cup of hot chocolate. So today I thought I would share my favourite Christmas jumpers with you, to get you all in the holiday spirit.

I would love to know how you celebrate Christmas, let me know in the comments below (´・ω・`).

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Too Faced Makeup


Today I'm going to review all the Too Faced Makeup that I own. I've made mention of my love for Too Faced before. I'm not going to lie, the main reason I adore Too Faced Makeup to such an extent, is because of the packaging, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I own 3 products by Too Faced; sweethearts perfect flush blush in candy glow, chocolate bar eye shadow palette, and the melted lipstick in peony. 

1) Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in candy glow: Let me just start by saying, the reason I bought this blush was, because of the adorable packaging, and to be quite honest I was not sure how the product itself would be. When I got it, I immediately put it on, and I was so impressed. It gives your cheeks the perfect peachy pink tint along with a lovely glow. It also acts as a highlighter, which makes it even more special. Overall it's my go to blush, its quick and easy to use, and it's worth your money. The blush consists of three different shades of pink, I usually just swirl my brush around, and all the colours beautifully combine, creating a lovely natural peachy pink look on your cheeks. 

2) Chocolate Bar: Like every other Too Faced product, this one comes in a really cute packaging, in this case it resembles a chocolate bar, it doesn't get better than that, right? The first thing that comes to my mind while talking about this is, that it actually smells like chocolate, which is incredible. I've had this for over five months, and it still smells like chocolate. Anyway, moving on to the product itself.. what I love most about this is the versatility of the shades. It has almost all the neutral shades you could dream of, from baby pink (my favourite), shimmery bronze to matte brown; this palette has got them all. Compared to the naked palette, I prefer this, which is saying a lot. The quality is the same as compared to the Naked palette, which is great, but the only difference is this in my opinion, has more of a variety of different shades, so instead of buying three naked palettes, this one should be sufficient. The eyeshadows stay put  for a good amount of time too. All the shades look lovely on your eyes, this palette is fit for pretty much any occasion, and any time. 

3) Melted Lipstick in Peony: Right now, I'm on a mission to find the 'perfect lipstick/s', and this is close to what I have in mind. This is a really pretty colour, I would say it's a medium to light rosy pink colour. It is a liquid lipstick, so it's easy to apply, and I love how it feels on, it feels smooth and slightly velvetyIt is a soft pink, which would work for any makeup look. I would definitely recommend  getting this, it is one of those essential lipsticks, which you would want to own and it will be much use to you, since it makes a perfect everyday lipstick. it looks natural on, and at the same time makes your lips stand out and look gorgeous.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know if you own any Too Faced products, and if you do, how do you like them? Also, what are some of your favourite makeup/beauty brands?