Saturday, 29 March 2014

Me-Time ♡

First of all, I want to apologise for not posting a lot lately, i've been really busy with school and other stuff, so sadly I didn't get time to blog.  I will go on a one month blog break, because my finals are in May, and its about time that I get serious, so I will start blogging regularly again, sometime in May, after my exams are over. 

 I've been really stressed lately, because of my exams, my sleeping habits have been whack, and I'm also really exhausted, because I've had to go to the dentist every second or third day for the past two weeks, for all sorts of dental related things, I'm getting braces pretty soon and that's why. I had and have to get all sorts of painful things done. The whole idea of going to the dentist and getting all of these dental procedures done, which I've never done before, is pretty stressful. I worry and think too much, and this has really been bothering me and stressing me out, it might sound really lame, but its true. So, I thought I would give my self a break from worrying, and just relax. My spring break just started, and I thought this was the perfect time to unwind a little, before going back to studying and stressing.

I started 'Me Time by pampering my self. I wiped my makeup off, and put on a face and hair mask, followed by the Clinique clarifying lotion, and a simple moisturiser (the brand Simple :p) for my face and an overnight repair serum for my hair. Put on the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, and afterwards the No7 Protect and Perfect lip care, used my lovely EOS hand cream, and then put on my lovely Bath and Body Works body lotion. I also love lighting a candle, and spraying my Sleep by Boots room spray, and the Sleep pillow spray on my pillow, it does a great job at creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. After all of this, I like spending a good amount of time, painting my nails. 

Its really important to be comfortable, so I wore my pjs and a loose knit. The perfect way to get your mind off something, is to read a nice book; it takes you to this whole other world and/or state of mind, if its a good book. You also forget all about whats going on around you, which honestly feels great at times. I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (the second time), which I bet you've read or heard about. This is definitely one of those lovely books, that you can't put down. In conclusion, I think reading a book and drinking a cup of milk tea (or any tea), is the best way to relax. 

Next up, I like listening to music, I've recently discovered this amazing site called 8tracks, and I've been spending a lot of time on it, there are so many great playlists on 8tracks, theres a playlist for everything! I also like going on Tumblr, I spend A LOT of time on Tumblr scrolling through my dashboard, reblogging stuff (My Tumblr). I also like watching shows, like Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, The Carrie Diaries e.t.c, to relax.

I make my bed as cozy as possible, I do this, by turning on my fairy lights, putting some cute pillows and having my adorable plush by my side (don't judge me, its super adorable). 

I would love to know what you do during your 'me time', what shows you watch, and what books you are reading atm (I'm a nosy person like that :3) Also, leave your tumblr urls in the comments if you want, I would love to check them out :3 (PS I'm sorry for rambling :p).

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wear Eponymous Dress ♡

I'm going to give you all some Spring outfit inspiration, featuring this lovely dress by Wear Eponymous (W.E.), they have got all the Spring trends (pastels, geo, monochrome e.t.c) available at very affordable prices, if you need to do some spring shopping at a reasonable price, check out there online-shop here.

 Pastels are my favourite thing about spring, they look so fashionable and girly. This dress can be worn as casual wear, and with the right accessories it could easily be worn for going out. This is how I would accessorise it:

1) Necklace: The perfect pastel statement necklace, can take your outfit to a whole new level. It adds detail, and can take something gorgeous and make it look even more gorgeous. This necklace would look perfect with this dress, it adds more pastel colours, and makes it outfit look more formal, girly and classy. It also makes the outfit more fit for spring, since it adds a touch of other pastels.
Forever New Natalia Bib Necklace

2) Bracelet
Rose Goddess Stretch Bracelet
3) Bag:
I would use this ASOS handbag with the dress. The bag is a subtle pink colour, which blends perfectly with the whole outfit, it would look lovely and add an elegant touch to the outfit.
ASOS Concertina Satchel Bag

4) Tights: This is more of an optional thing, I personally love cream coloured tights with pastel dresses, I think it looks really cute and classy. Pastel dresses and cream coloured tights, for me is the perfect combo. They add an extra touch of girly-ness to the outfit. The cream coloured tights, also compliment the pastel colour, in my opinion. 
TOPSHOP White Ornate Lace Tights

5) Shoes:
I would wear these shoes, because they go really well with the dress, and are almost the exact same colour 

Pink Chunky Buckle Ankle Strap Flatform Sandals
This is how I would style this dress. I hope you liked this outfit, please let me know what you think , and if you would ever wear it. 


Monday, 3 March 2014

Music Monday

(Source: Weheartit) 

Since its Monday (aka the worst day of the week) today, I  thought, i would give you guys some motivation through music, so I'm going to be sharing my week's playlist with you all.  Music always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face, thats why I wanted to share my favourite music this week, with you all. every Monday, I make a playlist, which I can listen to throughout the week.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately, since I was sick of listening to the same songs for months on repeat, I also thought it was time to expand my iTunes library, so  I'm trying to find new artists and bands to listen to, I've recently been loving pop-rock bands like Artist Vs Poet, Marianas Trench, The Summer Set e.t.c.

I listen to everything from pop, pop-rock, dance, electro, a little bit of rap , and R&B music,  Leave the names your favourite bands/artists down in the comment (I would love to know, since I'm a noisy person), let me know what you think of my playlist, and do you guys think I should make Music Monday, a weekly thing?

This Week's playlist:
  1. Flawless - Beyonce 
  2.  Bring It Jodie Connor (ft Tinchy Stryder) 
  3. Young - Tulisa (possibly my favourite song) 
  4. Talk - Jodie Connor (Feat Stylo G)
  5. Dare You (Cash Cash Remix) Harwell Feat. Matthew Koma
  6. Into the Blue - Kylie Minogue
  7. Crazy - Kat Dahlia 
  8. Headphones - Hedley
  9. Parachute - Matthew Koma
  10. Can't get Enough - Becky G (Feat. Pitbull)
  11. The Lucky Ones - Kerli
  12. Forever Until Tomorrow - MKTO
  13. Come On To me - Major Lazer (feat. Sean Paul)
  14. Keep Your Secrets - Artist Vs Poet 
  15. Handclaps & Guitars - Chiddy Bang
  16. All To Myself - Marianas Trench 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Love in a Box: Blogger Swap

I was a part of the blogger swap for February, I was paired up with Kim from Pretty Pants, I was happy to be paired up with her, since she was really nice and had a lovely blog. 

I loved everything Kim sent me. I've been wanting an eos lip balm for a long time now, so i'm really happy to have received it. I also loved the hand cream, I think its super adorable, and perfect to carry in your hand bag. I obviously love everything else as well, and I thought the magazine was a great addition. She also sent me a really sweet note.

This really made my day, and i encourage all of you to take part in the blogger swap, you can find out more about it here.