Friday, 17 January 2014

naked palette review


So today I decided to review the Naked Palette 1, this is my all time favorite eye shadow palette, I love all the Naked palettes (1,2 and 3), however I own just this one, because these palettes are a little pricey, but I want the third one as well.

I only wear neutral eye shadows; I don't like wearing bright eye shadows, I don’t really know how to wear them to be honest. So, that is why I picked this up, because I thought I needed it, and let me just tell you I was right. It also comes with its own brush and eye primer. The primer is amazing and the brush is fairly nice as well. 

The reason I love this palette so much, is because you can wear these shades everyday and you can play around with all the different colors. It has got the perfect selection of neutral shades; I have neglected all my other eye shadow palettes, because of this one. So, If you are found of neutral colors, then this palette is for you. 

My favorite eye shadows out of all of these are Virgin, Naked, Sin and toasted. I love Naked, because I think you can wear it whenever and to where ever you like, I mostly wear this to school. I like Sin and toasted, because they are both very pretty shades of shimmery pink, I wear these the most. They look really flattering and girly. Virgin, is a very nice nude, its one of those essential eye shadows which you can do a lot with; so I really like it. 

All the other eye shadows are lovely as well, and I adore all of them. I feel like this is one of my favorite make up products, and the most useful makeup product that I own.  

Virgin: A light nude.
Sin: Champagne/light pinkish with a touch of shimmer
Naked: matte brown (medium)
Side Car: Shimmery taupe
Buck: matte brown (dark)
Half Baked: Shimmery bronze (light)
DarkHouse: Shimmery dark bronze
Toasted: Shimmery pink/rose gold 
Hustle: very dark purple/brown
Creep: charcoal black with a touch of shimmery silver
Gunmetal: Shimmery blue/grey.


  1. The original Naked Palette is such an amazing palette! I almost use it everyday.


    1. I am saving up to buy one, would be such a handy thing to have as i am the same as you and only like wearing neautral eye shadows

    2. yeah you really should. :) x

  2. Great post and you have such a lovely blog! New follower over here! Can't wait to read some more posts! xx

  3. Thank you so much, I love your blog too, just followed. <3 x

  4. Been after the naked palette for ages- great post! It's nice to know they're worth the hype!!
    Just followed you :)

    1. thank you, glad you liked the post. Followed you back. <3 x

  5. Love the Naked 1 palette is my fave out of them all :) great BP xx