Sunday, 17 November 2013


I have been loving this chocolate. It tastes amazing and looks super cute 

I have been wearing this collar with all my plain sweaters. It makes plain sweaters look much nicer, It looks so cute that i have to wear it every time i wear a plain sweater. I got this as a gift, so I'm not sure where its from, but i know you can get one just like this from Asos (just a little bigger) :

These are so adorable, they are heart shaped (unscented) candles. I don't light them, because i want them to last forever. :3  

Next is my Benefit Makeup. I love my Benefit makeup, Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands along with Nars and Too Faced <3 I've been using Benefit make up a lot lately. I love the primer "Stay Flawless" it leaves your skin looking really smooth and 'flawless', the neutral eye shadow pallet is perfect, the 2 cream eye shadows are the best they blend really easily and are so fun to use. The Erase paste is also lovely, it lasts a long time and it gives full coverage. I wear "Hello Flawless" (powder) to school everyday, it works on its own, there is no need for a liquid foundation. "Dandelion" is a great highlighter, it leaves a beautiful subtle glow and color.

A show i have been recently watching is friends. I know most people has seen this and finished watching all the seasons, but sadly i have not. So I bought the first season a week back, and i love it, its so hilarious, i could just spend a whole day in bed watching this show. 

These are a couple of my favorite things at the moment. I'm going to be doing a favorites part two blog post soon, because I have a lot of favorites right now. :P



  1. That pearl collar is super cute! I need something like that.

    Whimsical Allure

  2. The collar is so cute!! Benefit is one of my favourite brands too :) their products are always awesome!!xxx