Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Staying Positive ♡

Today, I wanted to talk about positivity, and staying/being positive. Life is full of stress and problems, but you shouldn't let these problems take over your life. Its okay to feel sad sometimes, but you can't let sadness take over your life. Its not easy, changing your attitude to a positive one, and it doesn't happen within seconds, it takes time.

Whenever I feel down, I like talking about it, I normally call up a friend, and tell her how I feel,  it's good getting it out of your system, and once its out forget about it. It also really helps to listen to music and watch a funny film.

How to stay Positive:

1) Don't stress and overthink things: Its important to let things pass, and take them as they come. Don't keep thinking about something you can't control, like school for example. Little things can also help, like in the morning think a positive thought, and tell yourself It'll be a good day.

2) Change your lifestyle to a healthy one: Eat healthy, exercise, and once in a while treat yourself. You'll start feeling more fresh and active once you start living a healthy lifestyle, you will also feel better about yourself.

3) Be around people you like: Be around your friends and family, stop spending time with people you dislike, spend time with your true friends, who you can trust and be yourself around.

4) Keep yourself busy: Ge involved with some new activity or club, something that you enjoy doing and can look forward to. I really enjoy writing, so I started blogging which I really love doing now. You can also keep yourself busy, by learning new things (e.g. new language, subject/course).

5) Fix your problems: Sometimes instead of crying or getting angry and upset, you can find ways to fix your problem, and if not forget about it, life goes on.

I'll leave you with 4 of my favourite 'positive pictures':


  1. Really good post - I'm useless at being positive, i'm always so pessimistic!