Sunday, 1 June 2014

Summer Goals 2014

I thought of some goals for myself, to make this summer a productive and enjoyable one. Here is a list of all my summer goals:

  1.  Eat healthy and join a gym: I plan on losing weight this summer, which I'm going to do by working out regularly and eating healthy.
  2. Yoga: Doing yoga, will not only help me lose weight, but it will also help me relax.
  3. Read 10 books: I plan on reading 5 classic novels, and 5 other ones of my choice. Any suggestions?
  4. Keep a journal: I've already started doing this, and I'm going to be consistent and write in it everyday. I really love keeping a journal, it makes me think clearer and writing about my thoughts and feelings, makes me feel 'free' and cheers me up.
  5. Focus more on skincare, and less on makeup: Lately, my skin has been breaking out a lot, and me being lazy when it comes to my skincare routine makes my skin even worse. Thats why, I really need to start being more regular with taking care of my skin, and I might even treat myself to a facial, since my skin is in need of one.
  6. Work on being more confident: I really do lack confidence, for example, I never raise my hand in class and I rarely get out of my comfort zone. However, I plan on changing this, and developing more confidence.
  7. Staying Positive: I'm going to start looking at the positive sides of things, and change my state of mind and thinking to a positive one (you can read my post on staying positive here).
  8. Work on being a 'happier' person: This just means, not getting angry, sad or hurt easily, and simply being happy. Staying positive will help with this.
  9. Start writing my book: I have a lot of story ideas, that I want to start writing in book form.
  10. Start song writing, and learn how to sing: I enjoy writing songs and singing. I'm not very good at singing though, therefore I downloaded a singing program that I want to start doing.
  11. Learn how to play the guitar: I took guitar lessons many moons ago, and now I want to start learning how to play again, but this time I'm going to teach myself.
  12.  Move to a new house
  13. Online shop
  14. Take an online astronomy course: I've always loved astronomy, and I really want to study it, so I was thinking of taking an online course.
  15. Get Math Tuitions: I'm terrible at math, and I'm desperately in need of math tuitions, that can help me get through next year's math.
  16. Start watching a new tv show
  17. Drink A lot of Water: I drink a total of 2 glasses of water a day, which is not even close to how much I should drink, and I need to make that 2 into at least 8.
  18. Get Outside: I'm always inside the house, but this summer I'm going to make it a rule, for me to go out for a walk/run, or just sit in the garden every now and then.
  19. Spend time with my friends
  20. Listen to new and different music: I've been exploring different genres of music, and now, I've started listening to a lot of upbeat indie music, some EDM stuff, and a couple of pop-punk/rock bands. I've mostly been listening to mixes on 8tracks, and thats also where I get most of my music from nowadays.
  21. Stop caring so much
  22. Relax: After all the stress that school, homework, exam e.t.c have caused, I need to also take it easy, catch up on my sleep and do nothing sometimes. Because, sometimes doing nothing is healthy. :p
  23. Learn foreign languages
  24. Star gaze
  25. Blog more often
I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me what your summer goals are in the comments. 


  1. Great goals- i'm looking forawrd to you blogging more often! I recommed, if you're reading loads of classics then one of the 5 'other' books HAS to be a bit of trash. ;) try Katie Price or one of the TOWIE autobiographies haha. They make me laugh and are so light to read! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. thank you so much, that means a lot. Haha, I agree. Oo both sound great, I'll definitely give them a try, thanks. :D xx

  2. Fab goals girl! I'd love to start yoga, seems like a lovely unwinding activity. I need to drink more water too, I'm terrible at not taking in enough fluids xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. thank you♡. Yeah, you definitely should start yoga, you'd love it. c: xx

  3. I loved this post. We have a lot of the same goals. Like 17 out of the 25 are the same lol
    You have the cutest blog. I'm going to follow you!
    I hope you take the time to check mine out:

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot! :D Followed back, I really enjoyed reading your blog too c: xx

  4. Love the list! I need to get outdoors more often! I'm either on my laptop or cell! I know this is a stupid question, but are you related to Noor over at Noors Place?

    1. Thank you :) Nope, we're from the same Country, and share the same name haha, but I do know her through her blog and social media. Also, Thank you so much for the follow. <33

  5. Definitely a summer to-do list! I've always love astronomy too. I am fascinated with tars and galaxies in a strange way :D

    1. Same haha :3 Love your blog btw, followed you. x