Monday, 7 July 2014

Sigma Beauty Review*

1) Eye Shadow
2) Blush Born To
3) Blush Peaceful
4) Blush Serene
5) Blush Mellow
6) Eye Shading Brush

Today, I'm going to write, a long over due post on my Sigma Beauty affiliate package that arrived mid June, I'm sorry it took me so long to write a review, but as you might already know, I was out of the Country for for a holiday, so I didn't really get time to post this.

1) Eye Shadow in Resist: The colour of this eyeshadow, is a quite dark plum with a brown and golden undertone and this also has a bit of a shimmer.  It's a beautiful pigmented shade, and its easy to blend. what I love about it is that; it's a neutral that if you apply very little of, you can get that perfect subtle everyday look, and if you apply a little more generously it can be worn for a night out.

2) Blush in Born To:
Born to be is that staple plum/pink blush that you need, this blush is perfect for both your every day and going out look. I love the darkish pink/plum colour, It looks really pretty on your cheeks. This would be perfect for all skin tones, its very pigmented and both looks and feels good on the skin too. It's one of those pink shades, that just fit with whatever look you are going for. I absolutely love this blush.

3) Blush in Serene: On the Sigma website, they describe the colour to be "floral pink", which is what it is, its a rosy pink colour. This is a 'must have' for all of you beauty/makeup lovers. you need this in your life. Its quite pigmented like all of their other blushes, which is one of the things I love about Sigma blushes. You can wear this blush, wherever and whenever you like. It looks lovely on your cheeks, it gives your makeup an added touch of cuteness and girly-ness.

4) Blush in Mellow:
I have used this as a bronzer multiple times, and I loved it. It did a great job with contouring, and it was very blend-able, which made it easy to use. This reminded me of Hoola by Benefit, however the price is much cheeper ($12), so I think if you're wanting to buy that or a good quality + affordable bronzer, this is for you, and you should try this instead and save some money, because its the same thing really.

5) Blush in Peaceful:
I really liked this, It made a lovely highlighter. It is pigmented, but also shimmery and gives your skin the perfect glow at the same time. What I also did with this was, I wore it on top of my pigmented pink blush to give my cheeks a little glow and shimmer, it looked perfect, and of-course, I used it as a highlighter, and I fell in love with it instantly, it made a flawless highlighter. This and bene-beam are my two to go-to highlighters at the moment. I've been using it a lot, and loving it. It gives your skin that perfect glow, contours really well and feels lovely on your skin. You all need to give this one a shot, you wont regret it.

6) Eye Shading Brush:
I really liked this brush, it's my favourite eye shadow brush right now, it does an excellent job blending, it make's it easy for you to really get that perfect and professional eye makeup look going on. I also love that the brush is very soft. Anyway, it's a great quality brush, it blends really well, and it has all the qualities of a perfect eye shading brush. The only downside is that its a little pricy ($55), but if you want to take your eye makeup game to another level, you need to invest in this. However, if you think you can't invest so much in a brush, you should check this out; Eye Shading brush, it's a cheaper version of that. :)

So a quick review, my favourite thing about the eyeshadow; is the unique shade and how blend-able it is. The Eye Shading brush will up your eye makeup game. Finally, the reason why you need these blushes are, because:
a) they will look perfect on every skin tone
b) They're really pigmented, and look lovely on your cheeks
c) very affordable, for the quality.
d) Blend easily

I was very impressed and delighted with the quality of all these products. My favourites were the blushes, and I loved the fact that every product was so pigmented.


  1. Oooh the blushes look so pretty, I'd love to try some stuff from Sigma! xx

  2. The blushes sound amazing, and both shades are so pretty!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

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    1. Yes,it's one of my favourite blushes right now ♡

  4. I need to try these products!! :)

  5. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach

  6. Lovely post! Never tried any of their products but the blushes look gorgeous!
    Just followed your blog on bloglovin! Would love if you could check mine out back!