Thursday, 27 November 2014

☆ My Top 5 Favourite Albums Right Now ☆

King Con - Alex Winston:
I've been listening to a lot of random artists lately, and have come across Alex Winston, who has become one of my favourites already. I really loved the beat to each song, her voice is fantastic, and even the lyrics were well written. I really hope she comes out with new music soon.

Different Colors -Walk the Moon :
I started listening to Walk the Moon, when I first discovered indie pop, which was a while back. I had loved all their music, so naturally I was really excited when I found out they came out with a new album. I admit, it could have been a little better, but maybe I just think that, because I had really high expectations. Nevertheless, I really love it. Some of the songs really have you on your feet. I love the happy upbeat vibes that you get from listening to most of the songs. My favourites would have to be Shut Up and Dance and Work This Body.

1989 - Taylor Swift:
This album was just beautiful, one of the rear albums that you can listen to without having to skip any tracks. In my opinion, it is her best album so far. This album is full of feel good songs that make you smile.

You can listen to most of the album here too c:

4. My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes - The Cinema:
 I can't tell you how much I love The Cinema, they are one of my favourite bands. This is also one of those albums, I can listen to without skipping any of the songs. I love this specific genre of music, and I really enjoyed listening to this album, and continue to do so.

5. Black Star Elephant - Nico & Vinz
I love the positive vibes that each song in this abum releases. These are the sweetest and most positive songs that I've listened to. If I feel low, listening to this album will surely cheer me up. The lovely lyrics paired with the upbeat music, make each track on this album perfect. My favourite songs would have to be; Know What I'm Not, Running and People.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have heard any of these albums, I would love to know what you thought of them, and also what your favourite albums are at the moment ♡