Monday, 22 June 2015

Inspiration Board

I have had an inspiration board in my room for the longest time, on it I put up pictures mostly from Tumblr and Pinterest that inspire me in some way. I love having an inspiration board in my room, but I thought it would be equally fun and much easier to start making them on my laptop as well. Seeing Jemma's inspiration mood-boards on her blog (Dorkface) encouraged me to make my own digitally.

Looking at this inspiration board you can probably tell that I love fairy lights, I plan on using them to create some dreamy decor soon. I want to make those DIY clouds in the picture, and if I don't fail miserably I will make sure to blog about them. I've also been loving a lot of cute illustrations like this one. This inspiration board includes crystals, because I absolutely adore them, and I think they add to the magical effect of this inspo board. Of course it is not complete without one of my favourite motivational quotes, a cute uplifting drawing and best of all; ice cream in a cloud print bowl :). I hope you liked it.

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